About Us

About Us.

You’ll never pour from an empty cup again.

Ashwmaca is the herbal definition of all things ‘energy’ to keep your body light & quick, maintain your energy levels & help you respond to stress without affecting your everyday performance.

Using wholesome, natural & wildcrafted herbs from across the globe, it is backed by traditional plant wisdom & modern-day science, known to support your body’s natural functions as told by the ancients & practiced by the vaidyas who curated Ashwamaca - Vaidya Jay & Vaidya Anu.

Our Organization

Athreya was the name of the first sage to codify Ayurveda in Sanskrit, and he intended to serve humanity. Athreya also has a meaning of one who is ready to help at any time.

Located in Long Beach, California for over 23 years, we have established ourselves as key providers of effective Ayurvedic solutions for pain management, stress management, weight management. and lifestyle management. We also offer customized ayurvedic therapies
and treatments for wellbeing.

Meet Vaidya Jay

I grew up with a grandfather who had Ayurvedic knowledge at his fingertips, and soon I found myself following in his footsteps. After working with indigenous tribes, accumulating and putting my Ayurvedic wisdom into practice for 22 years, I am now a professor of Ayurvedic medicine and a NAMA registered practitioner.

Meet Vaidya. Anu

I grew up surrounded by the aromas of herbs being ground into humbling folk remedies. So it was almost natural that I wanted to become a healer. I have always seen healing as a spiritual practice, filled with unconditional love and care. Growing up in the heart of Ayurveda, I decided that I would want to blend this ancient plant wisdom with spirituality and science. I was able to realize this dream and spread this knowledge to many students who have become established Ayurvedic practitioners with a Ph.D. in Public Health.

Our Vission & Mission

We deeply value serving our clients at their time of need. Our mission is to serve humanity by empowering each and everyone the ability to access health using customized formulations. We believe to be healthy you need a family support network. Athreya delivers that by providing an Ayurvedic knowledge platform, where clients, students, and practitioners have the necessary tools to live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Our vision is to see happy smiling families all around the world.

Our Faith

We believe that all of us are living in a day and age with instant access to natural wisdom and the conventional ways of using them at the touch of a button. However, knowing what to trust and getting no time in our busy schedules to find out, is the only problem.

With such crazy expectations to keep our hustle going, our health takes a backseat while we continue to drive other areas of our lives, from stress & work to chores, our energy and more get zapped in a snap.

This is a natural occurrence but need not be normal.

With the right kind of support & trustworthy expertise, you can channel the energy away from the wasteful areas and keep your health sustainable for the long run.

Our Quality

To ensure the highest quality, we search far and wide for farmers and suppliers. We build authentic relationships that allow us to bring quality products at a reasonable price.

The cooperative societies we have partnered with are providing farmers the seeds and funds necessary to grow the herbs. Once harvested, the cooperative societies purchase the herbs, allowing farms to retain the maximum amount of funds. The herbs are organically produced and processed in USDA certified Organic processing centers. Our quality assurance protocols ensure each product tests for heavy metals and pesticides. Additionally, we have local experts inspecting the products on a regular basis.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
To ensure the highest quality of all our products, we have GMP standards. Quality assurance covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises, and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff.

Organic and Non-GMO:
Our organic product range is procured and produced in accordance with specific requirements of USDA organic certification. We strongly believe in protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and NON-GMO practices.

Our Certifications

Athreya holds the following certifications for our products